Meet with Melissa Scianna, Intuitive Healer, about your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness – because it is all connected. Get recommendations for the herbals, teas, oils and services that can make your life more focused, calmer and healthier.

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Over 300 organic, responsibly sourced botanicals for teas, tinctures, skin care and culinary. Custom blends made to order. Special orders gladly accepted. Artisanal, small batch spiritual and healing items including flower essences, scented plant infusions and sprays and healing balms and salves.

We offer custom blended organic herbs and essential oils, CBD products, candles, Intuitive Wellness Sessions, education, Reiki, Reflexology, guided walks and so much more!

‚ÄčAppointment available in Bridger, Billings and via phone.

  • 206 E Carbon Ave, Bridger MT 59014
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  • (406) 850-3287