The Elements of Fate

       Hi, Jasmine here your Spiritual Life Coach & Tarot/Oracle reader. I help my clients access their truth while revealing and removing blockages that are currently holding them back. No more feeling stuck or stagnant, no more not living in your life purpose.

       Want to know me? Get to know me. I am eccentric, self taught ambitious Aquarius woman. A few years ago  I embarked on my own spiritual journey, I had finally decided to unpack my past pain and trauma. Becoming enlighten to through spirit while realizing what the universe has to offer me has brought me so much light, love and peace. By taking myself through the healing process I decided to heal others. I have obtain my certification in Reiki and Spiritual Life Coaching paired with additional hours of study so I can better serve my clients. 

         As I grow through my process I am called to share my many clairvoyant gifts with you. Are you looking to gain control over your reality? Are you ready to start living at your highest potential? Book your one on one session today!

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30 Minute Reading
$ 75
45 Minute Reading
$ 95
60 Minute Reading
$ 120